Wicce Witch Box




Merry Meet and Welcome

A monthly subscription box and online shop for Witches and Pagans!

Once a month, receive a box full of crafty items for your magickal use discreetly delivered right to your front door.  Herbs, candles, stones, crystals, spells, altar kits, tools, all natural bath and body, books, home decor, oils, charms and much more!  Shop at our online store to add unique items to your collection to enhance your daily practice and help make your Esbats, Sabbats, root work and rituals even more magickal without ever leaving your sanctuary.  Enjoy handcrafted and specialty pagan supplies and craft items that are carefully curated and created just for you! 

From our altar to your doorstep, we hope you enjoy your Wicce Witch box.
Blessed Be.
"I love my subscription boxes it is the highlight of my month. I use the things I've gotten in them all the time. 
This is something I could not live without." -J.M.S.

"I reached out and was given EXCELLENT service from this wonderful sista! My reading was beyond perfect and she
 hit everything on the nose!!!" -T.D.

"There is no way I can express my thanks enough for what Seraphine has done for me. I hired her services for a candle working for money draw and within a week of it being completed I got two job offers." -G.SC.

"Just received my first Wicce Witch Box and it is awesome!" -A.S.

Featured Shop Items


Aura Cleansing Gemstone
Body Mist with Tourmaline

Remove negativity from your space and aura with our Aura Cleansing Body Mist. This mist is infused with essential oils, botanical essences and black tourmaline stone. Ideal for people who are sensitive to others’ energies, healing traumas, doing shadow/soul work, energy healers, those with weakened or compromised immune systems, diviners and anyone who feels they need to rid themselves of residual or attached energies.


Handmade Prosperity 
Poppet Kit

Hand cut, stitched and partially stuffed just for you.

Included in the kit is:

- partially finished white cotton      poppet

- blessing oil

- green ritual candle

- money draw incense cone 

- prosperity herb packet

- a sewing kit to complete your finished prosperity poppet.

Instructions are included.


The Wild Unknown
Tarot Reading

Using the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck I will throw 10 cards to intuitively reveal your current situation, what is hindering you and how to move through your issue to your overall outcome.

Reading is completed via e-mail.


June 2017
Gypsy Folk Magic