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Terms and FAQs

What is Wicce Witch Box?

Wicce Witch Box is a monthly box subscription service for witches, Wiccans and Pagans.  Members receive a box of pagan inspired items, tools and supplies every subscribed month to enhance their magickal and spiritual practice.  Wicce Witch Box also sells items and supplies at the online store Wicce Witch Shop.  No subscription is needed to make purchases at the online store.

How much will this cost me?

There are options to Wicce Witch Box subscriptions and purchases: EFFECTIVE with the Subscription and/or purchase of the January 2016 Box

1.  Monthly Wicce Witch Box subscription costs $38.00 every subscribed month.  The cost includes insured priority shipping and handling.

2.  One Time Box Purchase costs $38.00 per box. + USPS Priority Shipping  of $10.00.

3.  Items purchased at the Wicce Witch Shop are priced as listed with the item.  Shipping costs vary depending on the total weight of the item(s). 

If my membership is suspended, can I restart my account? Effective 10/20/2016

You can have your membership reactivated if your account has been suspended with Paypal for nonpayment of membership fees.  There will be a $10 reinstatement fee invoiced to you in addition to any outstanding membership fee before your membership can be reinstated and restored to good standing.  By default, Paypal will attempt to charge your credit card the current membership fees two times before suspending your account.  After the second unsuccessful attempt, you will be assessed the $10 reinstatement fee plus outstanding membership fees.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal.  All transactions are secured through Paypal.

When will the funds be deducted from my credit card?

Initial subscription payments will be deducted from the credit card you authorize immediately following the successful completion of your subscription purchase. Recurring payments will automatically be deducted from the credit card you authorize on the same day as when you initially subscribed. For example, if you subscribe on August 5, your subsequent recurring subscription payments will be deducted from your authorized credit card on September 5, October 5, November 5 and so on.

One Time Box purchases and purchases made at the Wicce Witch Shop will be deducted from your authorized credit card immediately following the successful completion of your online purchase.

When will I receive my box?

You will recieve your Wicce Witch Box of the Month according to when you initially subscribed.  Please see the 2016 Box Shipping Schedule to determine your shipping date.  One Time Box Purchases will ship according to the 2016 Box Shipping Schedule unless purchased AFTER the scheduled shipping date. In that case, the One Time Box Purchase will be shipped within 2-5 business days.  All subscribers and one time box purchasers will receive an e-mail containing the USPS tracking number of their package. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or need for clarification.

Do you have a refund policy?

All sales are final.  All subscription payments are non-refundable. All shipping and handling costs are non-refundable.

If you have received an item that has been damaged during the shipping process, please contact us immediately so that we can get you a replacement item that is similar or comparable to the item that was damaged.

Can I pick the items that I receive in my box?

Currently, we are not able to accommodate specific customization of each member's Wicce Witch Box.  We hope that with corporate growth, that will be something that we can add to the list of services that we offer.  We do encourage you to contact us with suggestions and feedback on items you would like to see featured in future boxes.

Do you ship to countries other than the U.S?

Wicce Witch Boxes always feature a variety of herbs and essential oils.  Unfortunately, we are not legally permitted to ship the majority of our herb packs and ritual and spell oils outside of the United States.

Do you ship to APO's and other Domestic military bases?

Yes! We recognize that there are military service personnel who are pagan practitioners also and we want to make sure that they stay connected to the Pagan Community and they need access to supplies and magickal items.  We are careful not to include items such as bolines, daggers and athames, no biological items or livestock are ever included in our boxes or on the Wicce Witch Shop.  We are military pagan-friendly.  Thank you for your services!

Will I be able to know what is in the boxes before I receive them?

The exact box contents are kept secret.  We want every member to experience the joy of surprise when they open their box.  Occasionally, we give out hints as to what "may" be included on social media sites but you'll have to wait in blissful suspense until you open your box.  That's more fun anyway!

I have changed my mind.  Can I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to see you go and wish to see you return soon.  If you do decide to cancel, please contact us to receive instructions on how to provide us a written request to cancel your subscription.  

I am a private practitioner.  Is packaging discreet?

Confidentiality is of extreme importance to us.  Every package, envelope and box we ship is discreet and always labeled from WWB Shipping Dept.

Is any of my information ever shared with outside vendors, marketers or sales groups?

We will NEVER share any of your information.  All personal, demographic and credit card information is secure. wiccewitchbox.com is a secured site with a valid SSL Certificate that you can click on to verify.  Please see the SSL Certificate in green below.

Please forward all questions and feedback to our Contact Us page.


DISCLAIMER:  As with any herbal or medicinal remedy, tool, agent or item, please research and consult with your licensed physician before initiating any new herbal, essential oil and/or medicinal routine, consuming or usage.  Check that any item you are considering will not interfere with already prescribed or future prescribed medications or allergies.

All items obtained from Wicce Witch Box, Wicce Witch Shop are not meant to replace advise or prescribed medications given by a licensed physician.  Please use all items obtained from Wicce Witch Box, Wicce Witch Shop responsibly.                              012.15.15.SIM